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The European architectural history is based on the use of natural stone as the main building material and covering in the most prestigious constructions in our cities. In the second half of the XX century the system of laying the flooring, which has been always used and named as "traditional", based on a layer of fresh mortar, was accompanied by a new system of gluing with adhesive.

Adapting to new needs in the stone industry, Mapei has been successfully producing from over thirty years innovative gluing systems for the natural stone. The laying of natural stone, such as for ceramics, is a little big project that must take into account the different technical features of the materials, such as the dimensional stability of some stone materials and their capability or not to absorb water, in consideration of the possible risk of stain and / or efflorescence.

Considering the stone size, the environment where it will be layed, or the type of surfaces on which the floor or the covering will be glued, we will be able to choose the adhesive more suitable for your case.
We can choose a rapid system of laying, or an adhesive water-free made of  reactive resin, or also a deformable adhesive for big sizes. The right adhesive is important to avoid technical and aesthetic problems, such as premature detachments or changes of colour on a few special stones.


Seven questions for a good start


  1. What kind of stone must be laid?
  2. Will the laying take place indoor or outdoor?
  3. What are the sizes of the stone which will be laid?
  4. On what kind of support will be the stone glued? ( cement, concrete, wood, metal etc..)?
  5. Has the support been carefully arranged in order to receive the laying of a floor (cleaning, drying times, suitable thickness etc...)?
  6. At what traffic will be the surface subject? (light, heavy, of mechanical means)?
  7. What are the environmental conditions in which the laying will take place (high or low temperatures)?


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