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Our Consortium companies work to support a new concept in the processing of stone products that is environmentally sustainable, by using environmentally friendly production processes.



With their products, the Chiampo companies contribute to the "green building” because the materials from which their products are made are one-hundred-per-cent natural, and because their production processes use reduced amounts of power in a responsible way. They also completely recycle the processing waters, and responsibly set aside the byproduct for other uses. Hence, they do not produce unused waste.

Thanks to their cooperation with an Agency certified in collecting processing byproducts, the Consortium companies reclaim or reintroduce in the productive cycle all the materials left over from processing. 

The byproduct becomes ideal for palladiane, venetian blinds, grit e road foundations; the pulverized product becomes a component of varnishes, cement, plastic materials and ceramic; while the muddy part is an element used for agronomy restoration (as set forth  by Legislative Decree 236 of 2006).


There are always more and more materials, which are wrongly labeled as "natural" and twist this term which real meaning is completely environmentally friendly. Unlike to the others buildings built with synthetic material, those made with the natural stone are the beginning of an ecologic path, which begins with the extraction of the stone, proceeds  with its processing and ends with its implementation.


The CMC made an agreement with the Green Building Council Italia, becoming its ordinary member. Together with the GBC Italia, the CMC supports a policy of promoting the "green buildings" and the related environmental, economical and social benefits.

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