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Founded in 1943, FILA Solutions, "Fabbrica Italiana di Lucidi e Affini", develops and produces professional products for the protection and care of all surfaces, as marble, granite and natural stone, ceramic, clinker and porcelain stoneware, terracotta and wood.

FILA offers its customers a complete range of high performance products: detergents, stain removers, waterproofing and protective waxes and oils.

Today FILA is a leading Italian company worlwide recognized. It became internationally known thanks to the opening of 5 foreing commercial branches in Germany, France, Spain, in the United Kingdom and in the US and, thanks to the creation of a capillary sales network, which grants the distribution of its product and the related technical assistance in more than 60 countries.

Research and development are integral part of the company mission and this is why over 10% of the annual turnover is invested in this field. FILA laboratory uses modern instrumentation to:

• constantly experiment new solutions and products
• perform tests for the quality control in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certifications
• analyse and select the best raw materials
• update on new covering materials

FILA collaborates with research bodies of the Institute of Inorganic and Surface Chemistry of the Italian National Research Council (ICIS - CNR) in Padua. FILA products are certified by the most important international institutes like the International Ceramics Centre, Chelab laboratories and Label Vert Excell.





Questions for the care of natural stone:

  1. What detergent should I use to clean the floor after the laying?
  2. Which stain-resistant product should I apply in order that my floor will not be smeared?
  3. Is the treatment different, if the product will be laid indoor or outdoor?
  4. Is the treatment different in the case of floor or cladding?
  5. With the same treatment, can I protect and revive the tone of the material?
  6. Does the treatment change the appearance of the material?
  7. Which is the best tool to apply the products?
  8. It is a definitive treatment or should I repeat it?
  9. Which products should I use for the maintenance?
  10. Are there any products which remove greasy stains on the stone?


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Some curiosities about the materials

  1. What is the difference between marble, granite, travertine, quartzite, etc..?
  2. All types of marble, granite, travertine, etc.. can be laid outdoor?
  3. Which finishings of the materials are more suitable outside?
  4. There are differences between stones from one country rather than another?
  5. Why do some types of marbles form a whitish powder (efflorescences) on the surface?


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