Effa Imballaggi

Effa Imballaggi
Effa Imballaggi

Via Don L. Bevilacqua, 53 - 36070 S. Pietro Mussolino (VI) Italy
Tel. +39 0444 687101 - +39 0444 687726
Fax +39 0444 687082


Effa was founded in the late sixties and at the beginning it produced only pallets. With the evolution of the market, it has specialized in the production of packaging of any type, size and material. 

It is on the market from over 40 years. With the experience gained over the time, it provides companies with customized, high quality and suitable for recycling packaging solutions.

Packaging materials are carefully choosen, granting the best balance between quality and environment sustainability. Effa provides its customers with a full service: consulting, product design and product realization, service post purchase and packaging on site on demand. 

It is specialized in wooden packaging, heavy cardboard and plywood. It also manufactures standard and customized pallets and offers a wide range of accessories, developed to grant the integrity of the packed goods.

It costantly invests resources and energies for an ongoing process of research and development, realizing wooden packagings suitable for the export, HT treated and according to the law ISPM 15 FAO.

It is a subject authorized Fitok.

Five questions for a good start

  1. What are the sizes and shape of the material ( photo or drawing)?
  2. How much does it weigh?
  3. Is the laod weight well-distributed (or has it any gap in weight)?
  4. What is the final destination (is it needed a HT treatment?)
  5. What kind of transport means will be used for the delivery?

In case of special products, we will be pleased to make an ispection to view the material and suggest you the best solution.


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