Via Pernisa, 12 - 37023 Lugo di Grezzana (VR) Italy
Tel. +39 045 8801522
Fax +39 045 8801302

Dellas Spa is at the forefront of cutting stone since 1973. In 40 years of activity it has reached a top position in the international market for the production and marketing of diamond tools, suitable for the manufacturing of marble, granite and composite material.

It was founded in Desenzano del Garda in 1973. In 1982 it moved to Lugo di Valpantena, where it is now located. Valpantena, together with the nearby Valpolicella, has always been known as a district specialized in cutting marble and granite which come from local, national and international markets. This shift has allowed Dellas to be closer to the heart of stone manufacturing, in order to continuously test its products, getting immediate feedback on their performance. In this way, companies that surround it have become the "expanded laboratory" of its tools.

Thanks to the strong experience in this area, to an organization that, despite the growth in size, has managed to keep itself dynamic and lean, and to the highly specialized technical personnel, the company over the time has managed to thrive in new markets and to let known its brand worldwide.


District agent:
Antonio Omenetto
Cell. +39 348 5840448

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  • Wires: quarry, stationary, multi, shaper?
  • Diamond blades: by frame, by single-blade?
  • Diamond blades: from bur, from splitting machine, to saw, cutter from mono / multi?
  • Tools for calibrating and polishing: grinding wheel lucidacosta, by pre-cutting, shaping, brush, dishes and calibrating rollers, franckfurt?
  • Tools for CNC machines: drill bit, drill bits mangetout, cutter writing, sculpting, cutting, incremenatale and solid grinding wheel profile and downward, router?

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