Makes easier the first contact: the office of the CMC operates with the aim to make easier the relation between the potential customer and the company, facilitating the research of the product and optimizing times.

Furthermore in the CMC, the planner will find a group of skilled companies that are eager to cooperate to finalize a project and fulfill unique requirements both as to the selection and quantity of the materials and their type of processing or finish. 

Organizes trainings for architects,planners and associated people: the CMC ,since its birth, gave lots of importance to the training, creating different ways of information and updating for both, the staff of affiliated companies, to incentivize the company requalification, and for all the consumers, making easier the approach to the world of the design and of the construction with the stone.

Invests in research and in development: continuous technologic research, in partnership with leading companies in the sector of the cutting and of the manufacturing of the stone, has allowed to come to the creation of new tools and machinery, specifically studied to perform particular demands of originality, requested by the international market.

In cooperation with universities, laboratories of analysis, the CMC coordinates a continuous research on raw materials, realized with the certification CE of several materials. The aim is to support the planner in the choice of the materials, suitable to every project, depending on the physical features of every stone.

Technologic innovation, design, eco-compatibility and association between different materials and their features, are the focus of which all studies and research of the CMC sustains and concentrates on.

Promotes and supports environmental sustainability: Companies of the CMC work the stone following specific criteria and respecting the environment. The CMC contributes to "green-building” by offering specific products and materials, which are completely natural. Furthermore the production process uses in a reduced and responsible way the energetic resources, recycles the water used in the manufacturing and reuses all discarded materials without wasting them.

Thanks to the collaboration with an Agency certified in collecting the processing byproduct, the Consortium companies reclaim or reintroduce all the material remaining from processing, into the production cycle.

The by-product becomes ideal for palladiane, venetian blinds, grit e road foundations; the pulverized product becomes a component of varnishes, cement, plastic materials and ceramic; while the muddy part is an element used in land reclamation projects (as set forth by Legislative Decree 236 of 2006).

Encourages the tourism industry: Since many years the CMC receives small groups of interested people, with the aim of making know the fascinating cultural heritage of the laboratories of the craftsmen of this valley. The beauty of the stone with its properties, the way of production, the technological development, lines of furniture and products of design are the main themes discussed during the visit. An itinerant proposal to learn about the stone.It is open to cultural projects and initiatives of the world of the stone: Palladio, The marbles of the Doge, The square of Aldo Cibic. The CMC during the years was very careful and committed in the development of the environment. Between 2008 and 2009 cooperated with the designer Raffaello Galiotto, making two important projects: "Palladio and lithic design", inspired by Andrea Palladio and made in occasion of the ceremony for the five hundredth anniversary of his birth and the "The Marbles of the Doge" inspired by the Palazzo Ducale in Venice. In the end "La piazza di Aldo Cibic”, 150 square meters dedicated to the realization of a square, meeting place to represent the union of the companies of the CMC, the strength of more than twenty industries and craftsmen that, without sacrificing their own specific qualities, decided to create a network dedicated to the interpretation of the stone, the world of architecture and the design.
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